Network Immunology Releases Breakthrough Data from Organ Transplantation Study


Toronto, ON: Network Immunology has received breakthrough data for its platform Co-selection Technology™ that has potential applications to transplantation, autoimmunity and other degenerative diseases. The pilot study, conducted at the University of Toronto, involved modifying one group of mice' immune systems, to be fundamentally similar to that of another group of mice. This study involved administration of NI’s patented immunotherapeutic antibody. A subtle modification of the immune system caused approximately 100% increase in skin graft survival time, without the use of immunosuppressant drugs.

Dr. Geoffrey Hoffmann, Chief Scientist spoke on the recent results. "In light of this data, we expect it will be possible to change the immune system of a person who is susceptible to a given degenerative disease, to be similar to the immune system of someone who is resistant to the development of that disease. Moreover, the data fits perfectly within the context of the company's unique way of understanding the adaptive immune system, that is, within the immune network framework. This data means we are on track to solving fundamental immunological problems including not only transplant rejection, but also autoimmunity and other degenerative diseases."

Network Immunology is actively seeking financing and collaborative partnerships in order to further develop its technologies.

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