Neural Networks and Immune Networks?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It has been known for quite some time, that the brain is a network of neurons.Scientists in the field of Network Immunology have discovered that the immune system also functions as a network of cells.

Both networks have memory, and the ability to learn from experience. Both networks possess a distinct sense of self, and the ability to differentiate, between self and other.

Network Immunology’s Chief Scientist, Geoffrey W. Hoffmann, who is both a physicist and immunologist by background, has discovered a mathematical equation that unites the two systems.   They are separate, yet interconnected systems, that function along the same set of mathematical principles.

Network Immunology is the only company in the world, that is dedicated to building on this network framework of the immune system, and commercializing technologies that emerge from it.

Technologies under development include a preventive HIV vaccine, and a therapeutic for HIV positive individuals. There is now data for both of these products.

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