Developing a new platform of immuno-therapeutics

Vancouver BC: Scientists at Network Immunology Inc. have successfully combined components, from multiple immune systems, to generate a more stable, and fundamentally stronger immune system.
The NII team has derived this technology into a patented immuno-therapeutic product and treatment, called AbstimX™ which has been shown to substantially increase resistance to inflammatory breast cancer, inflammatory colitis, and allergic disease in small mammal studies.
AbstimX™ technology is based on the Nobel Prize winning immune network theory, which has been developed by Nobel Laureate, Dr. Niels K. Jerne, Geoffrey W. Hoffmann PhD, and Reginald M. Gorczynski, MD, PhD.
Network Immunology Inc. is a privately held biotech company that develops patented immuno-therapeutics based on immune network theory.


Interview with Dr. Reginald Gorczynski

Network Immunology Inc. Chief Scientist, Dr. Reginald Gorczynski being interviewed by co-founder, George Hoffmann. <br />..

Paper published by Dr. Gorczynski and Dr. Hoffmann

A paper has been published by Reginald Gorczynski and Geoffrey Hoffmann entitled: "Toward a New Kind of Vaccine: A Logical Extension of the Symmetrical Immune Network Theory" Th..

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