César Francisco Lara Álvarez

Director, Clinical Development and Public Healthcare Implementation

Mr. Lara is the CEO of a clinical trials company. He has also served in the Mexican government as Deputy Director of Mexican Official Standards at the Ministry of Health, Director of Educational Programs, Director of Entailment and Institutional Development, and as the Coordinator of Ethical, Legal and Social Issues Research at the Center of Genomic Medicine. He has been involved in the development of health care innovation models, intellectual property and business incubators related to genomic medicine. He has produced a number of publications related to ethical, social and legal issues of the human genome. Mr. Lara serves as Counsel to the Secretary of Health for the Mexican Health Ministry.

Mr. Lara graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He holds two specialist diplomas, one in Law, Health and Bioethics from the Mexican Autonomous Institute of Technology, and the other in Intellectual Property from Pan-American University. He has a Masters degree in Ethics of Biomedical Research from the University of Chile, for which he was awarded a fellowship from the Fogarty National Institutes of Health (NIH) USA, in Ethics of Biomedical Research, and aims to contribute to the training of operators and managers of capital investment funds, including private capital and venture capital.



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