Bio-engineering much stronger immune systems.

May 2017, Vancouver BC: Network Immunology Inc. scientists have successfully combined components from multiple immune systems, to form an exceptionally strong immune system. The resultant patented immuno-therapeutic product (AbstimX™) has prevented breast cancer and inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis) in mouse studies. Company scientists are confident that AbstimX™ will also be effective for the prevention of other cancers and other inflammatory/autoimmune diseases.

Network Immunology Inc. is a privately held biotech company that develops immuno-therapeutics based on immune network theory.

Chief Scientist Dr. Geoffrey W. Hoffmann

CSO Geoffrey W. Hoffman Explains Immune Network Theory. ..

Interview on Organ Transplantation, Harpreet Singh Show

CEO George Hoffman discusses Network Immunology's latest research breakthrough in organ transplantation. ..

Network Immunology Releases Breakthrough Data from Organ Transplantation Study

Toronto, ON: Network Immunology has received breakthrough data for its platform Co-selection Technology™ that has potential applications to transplantation, autoimmunity and other degenerati..

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